ROSEVILLE, Minn. May 1, 2019 – Crown, a leader in the oilseed processing industry, introduces a revolutionary, patented solution for oilseed manufacturers: the Modular Vertical Seed Conditioner Heating Section.

Developed in response to customer needs, this industry-first from Crown delivers unprecedented flexibility for cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment of seed conditioner heating sections. The innovative design of Crown’s Modular Vertical Seed Conditioner Heating Section features 16 removable tube modules in the heating section, allowing oilseed crush and preparation operators to identify, isolate and mitigate issues without unstacking, major shutdowns, permits or cranes. Crown’s design uses bolted connections to streamline module removal and replacement—eliminating the inefficiencies and safety hazards of cutting or welding in place, or in the plant environment. To facilitate troubleshooting, the design also includes sight glasses that provide operators with visual access to the enclosed heating section.

Crown’s Modular Vertical Seed Conditioner Heating Section is currently running successfully in a customer production environment. Field tests of the Modular Vertical Seed Conditioner Heating Section demonstrate consistent product quality and a significant reduction in maintenance shutdowns, shortening the disruption from 10 days to less than 24 hours. For improved operational performance, compromised tubes may be isolated with minimal heating surface loss, and Crown’s Modular Vertical Seed Conditioner Heating Section is capable of running at higher operating pressures, up to 45 psi. Ideal for cold and conventional dehulling systems, Crown’s Modular Vertical Seed Conditioner Heating Section is available in stainless steel and carbon steel, and can be retrofitted into existing Crown Vertical Seed Conditioners.

“We are excited to offer customers increased operational flexibility and the ability to reduce downtime, and its associated costs, with our breakthrough Modular Vertical Seed Conditioner Heating Section,” says Bill Antilla, General Manager, Crown Global Companies. “Crown’s ability to deliver more innovative solutions and technologies will further accelerate once our new Global Innovation Center opens later this year.”

The 68,000 square foot Crown Global Headquarters and World Class Innovation Center is currently under construction in Blaine, MN. This state-of-the-art facility will include a 15,000 square-foot fully functional plant with preparation, extraction and refining equipment connected to a comprehensive data acquisition system. Customers will be able to simulate plant-processing operations within a controlled environment to support trials and customer trainings. The Center will serve as a world-class resource to global oilseed manufacturers, helping them optimize manufacturing capabilities by reducing energy and water usage, improving yields, and reducing capital and operating costs.

Crown, a division of CPM Holdings Inc., is a 141-year-old, Minnesota-based, global company with additional offices in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine. Crown currently employs 250 people worldwide. For more information, visit: