Fixed Valve System (FVS) Oil Stripper

The Crown FVS Oil Stripper is the latest development in oil-stripping technology for the vegetable oil industry. The FVS utilizes 100% direct contact of steam-to-oil for hexane flashing and 0% surface-area flashing. And, with a full range of sizes for all plant capacities, there’s a Crown FVS Oil Stripper that’s right for you.

  • Significantly reduced steam consumption and residual hexane over previous designs
  • Larger valve openings results in less potential for fouling
  • Reduced stripper diameter over previous Super Stripper design
  • Lower sparge rate reduces load on stripper condenser and improves vacuum
  • Significantly reduced overall height
  • Eight (8) shallow bed trays with weir over-flows and down-comers
  • Large-diameter expansion dome with demister device to minimize oil entrainment
  • 100% of hexane flashing is accomplished using direct contact of steam with the oil
  • Multiple steam injection points for fresh steam and oil dryer ejector motive steam
  • Steam forced to rise through the trays by hydraulic seals on every tray
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