photo of Crown Iron Global Headquarters and Innovation Center

Are you looking for high-capacity oilseed processing equipment with low operating costs? Crown delivers both. As a world-leading designer and manufacturer of oilseed processing equipment backed by over 135 years of technological innovation, we not only meet your needs, we exceed them, ensuring your operation runs strong for generations to come.

At Crown, we have strong values that we apply to every aspect of our work.

  • TRUST: We build a culture of integrity, fairness and straightforward dealing; we strive for success shared with all stakeholders, including customers, operators, suppliers and Crown team members in all areas.
  • FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER: We always work to provide reliable, efficient, economical and easy-to-operate systems and superior continued service and support to all our customers.
  • EXPERTISE: Our value is in the competence to provide systems that simply work the best for our clients. We maintain our core excellence in philosophy, learning, sciences, intellectual property, engineering and features.
  • CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT: We always search for innovative solutions, large and small, in a climate of simple management and stability, where business systems hold ground while adding and measuring improvements.
  • ONE CROWN: We are committed people working together across the globe to present unified technology and product offerings. We do this while leveraging international presence and familiarity in local applications, sales, project management and services.

Crown Iron Works’ roots date back to 1878.

The business eventually evolved into a process engineering company in the late 1940s with a focus on the edible oils industry. With our own proprietary line of equipment, Crown has literally worked across the centuries to deliver solutions guaranteed to meet customer expectations.

Crown offers oilseed preparationextraction and refining equipment and technology with the lifetime support to back it up. Crown also serves the nutraceuticalspecialty chemicalfood and waste industries in the areas of specialty extraction (process recovery of essential oils and extracts), CO2 extraction, and drying—with a variety of dryers, desolventizers and coolers for solvent- and water-wet products.

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