Renewable Diesel Pretreatment

Crown’s pretreatment process allows for producers of renewable diesel (also known as hydrogenated vegetable oil, HVO) to run continuously at high capacities. The proprietary design allows for a range of feedstocks to be processed, from virgin vegetable oils, to animal fats, to recycled waste streams. The process focuses on the most important parts of pretreatment – maintaining a high yield, including free fatty acids, and reducing metals to minimize the impact to the expensive downstream catalyst. Crown has experience working with multiple technology providers to allow customers to process the widest range of feedstocks possible.

  • All equipment is typical for an industrial process and not simply a collection of tanks and plastic tubing
  • Using a proven design ensures maximum equipment reliability and product quality
  • Pretreating any substandard fats and oils saves on capital and operating expenses in the transesterification plant—an overall savings for an integrated plant
  • A flexible renewable diesel pretreatment design allows a variety of biodiesel feedstocks to be processed in the same equipment
  • Straightforward process which is similar to proven edible oil refining technologies
  • Renewable diesel pretreatment can be designed to also allow the production of edible oil in order to take advantage of the ups and downs of variable industry conditions
  • Phosphatide and fatty acid byproducts are similar to the ones produced in an edible oil plant—enabling byproduct sales to an existing market
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