For granular or coarse products, such as metallic gels, algae and marine products that sink in solvent or products that are too fine or coarse for percolation-type extractors, the Model IV Immersion Extractor processes virtually any product with a density greater than the solvent. Typical products include algae, hemp / hemp seeds, botanicals, fermentation products, metallic gels and contaminated soils.

In the past, the extraction of fine, powdery material was usually carried out in a batch process due to the limitation of screen filtration in continuous extractor designs. Basically, fine materials would flow through the screen.

The Model IV does not use screens. The basic horizontal fabrication houses a unique, patented “en-masse” type conveyor system, which draws the material along the smooth extractor bottom. There, it is totally immersed in solvent flowing from the other direction. This means there is no problem keeping the solids wetted.

Extraction occurs throughout the cycle as the material and miscella are mixed between stages. This counter-current arrangement allows the extracted material to be discharged from one end of the machine while concentrated miscella (solvent and extractable) is taken from the opposite end.

  • Complete immersion ensures good product contact with the solvent
  • Complete bed turnover prevents solids compaction and packing
  • Gentle motion and bed turnover minimizes product breakage
  • Vapor-tight design for operation with volatile solvents
  • Continuous operation requires minimal operator attention
  • Washes away products of reaction and excess reactants
  • The Model IV has been used for replacing solvent by washing with another solvent
  • Continuous counter-current extraction arrangement for improved extraction efficiency
  • Immersion in a bath of solvent for good solvent product contact without short-circuiting
  • Sanitary, easy-to-clean designs provide access for maintenance