In the preparation of oilseeds for oil extraction, the seed needs to be cleaned and then conditioned to the correct temperature and moisture. The hull is often removed from the seed to increase the protein content of the meal. The Crown Aspirator is designed to remove loose hulls and foreign material and to heat or cool the seed.

The seed, whole or cracked, enters the aspirator through a rotary feeder. The seed cascades through the aspirator impact rods, splitting and distributing the product flow. This allows the air to pass upward through the falling seed and loosen and remove the hulls. The air traveling through the aspirator is recycled to separate the hulls and dust from the air.

The Crown Aspirator uses a closed or recycled air loop, allowing the humidity and temperature of the air to be easily maintained. This results in good drying and conditioning, and it reduces the amount of air exhausted to the atmosphere.

  • Internal impingement results in a greater degree of seed hull separation
  • Closed/recycled air loop allows humidity and air temperature to be easily maintained
  • Reduced amount of air being exhausted into atmosphere
  • Integral rotary feeder provides consistent stream of material in either free-flowing or choke-fed installations
  • Internal configuration is specific to the application
  • Hinged door access to aspiration chamber
  • Most internal wear items are easily replaced