Desolventizer – Toaster

The Desolventizer-Toaster (DT) is a vertically oriented cylinder with multiple trays that are steam, hot water or oil heated. The DT employs indirect heat transfer to desolventize ethanol, hexane or other solvent-wet products and completing the toasting operation on a low-cost basis. When the product allows, we can also introduce steam into the DT and combine direct and indirect heat transfer, thus reducing the overall equipment size.

  • Crown DTs are available for pilot scale to large scale production capabilities
  • Operates on vegetable oilseeds, wood chips, silicas, DDG, algae, marine products and a wide variety of other products
  • Low horsepower-per-ton requirements
  • Combination of direct and indirect heat transfer leads to efficient desolventizer sizing
  • Counter-current desolventization
  • Automatic level controls with actuated gates, chutes or variable speed rotary valves provide for smooth and efficient operation
  • When desired, each main tray has hollow stay bolts for venting vapors from one tray to the next. The quantity and position are designed to allow maximum contact between vapors and product
  • Bottom tray contains a specially designed, variable-speed rotary valve to maintain a consistent level
  • Heavy-duty steam chests and robust sweep arms virtually eliminate sweep arm breakage and bending
  • Basket-type pre-desolventizing trays are suspended in the dome
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