For 70 years, Crown has been a trustworthy supplier of robust equipment, processes and engineering solutions to the oilseed industry. Our industrial oil and gas processing systems are no exception. We combine reliable design with proven technology to provide you with process solutions that get the job done. Our goal is to design and supply the processes and equipment that perform the way you expect.


Our patented process and equipment can and has converted shingle waste back into its main key components: asphalt, aggregate, sand, mineral filler and fibrous material (fiberglass and/or paper backing).

Soil Remediation and Oilsand

Crown is proving out and supplying unique systems to perform industrial solid-liquid and liquid-liquid separations. These systems work with a variety of materials, such as heavy and light oil recovery, roofing shingles, soil remediation and precious substance recovery.

Industrial Separations Pilot Plants

We can offer access to our two research and development facilities and pilot equipment. Crown’s Research and Development efforts provide a place and the necessary equipment to facilitate new process testing for validity and economic feasibility.

Let us put our process team, facilities and processing know-how to work on further progressing your project.

Or, contact us; we may have the process solution you’re looking for in our database.