White Flake Desolventization

Crown’s Down Draft Desolventizer (DDD) is a cost-effective system for desolventizing white flakes for the production of high PDI or NSI meal. It gently moves the product over a series of heated trays to maintain flake integrity during desolventization.

  • Low capital investment
  • Low installation costs
  • Gentle handling for a final product with a maximum amount of whole flakes and a minimum amount of fines
  • Higher attainable PDI than with conventional systems
  • Reduced hexane losses (less than 500 PPM) results in additional operational savings
  • Compact design requires less floor space
  • Less than 40hp for a 10-ton-per-day system
  • Fewer moving parts results in less downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • Uses low-pressure indirect steam to drive off the hexane vapors for low temperature
  • Flexibility in operation to fine-tune the system for the ideal combination of PDI, residual hexane and steam consumption
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