Contaminants such as phosphatides, free fatty acids (FFA) and pro-oxidants must be removed from pressed or extracted oils and fats before consumption or industrial use. Edible oils and fats are fully refined to improve the flavor, odor, color and stability. Oils and fats for industrial use may be fully or partially refined, removing the unwanted compounds that affect the quality of the end product.

The four refining process steps are degummingneutralizingbleachingand deodorizing. There are two types of refining processes: chemical and physical. The main difference between the two types of refining processes lies in how the FFA are removed. Chemical refining removes the FFA in the neutralizing process while physical refining removes the FFA in the deodorizing process. Chemical refining removes the phosphatides (gums) in either two steps—degumming and neutralizing—or in a single process—neutralizing.

Crown’s MaxEfficiency continuous deodorizing system exemplifies our legacy of providing the best, most reliable and innovative oilseed processes and equipment in the world today.