Pilot Plants / Test Facilities

Crown Iron Works is one of the largest suppliers of oilseed extractiontechnology, refining plants, and other processing equipment. Since 1878, Crown has strived to provide return on investment to its clients in the services it provides. Leading processing companies around the globe rely on our engineering capabilities.

Located at our corporate headquarters complex in Roseville, Minnesota, our 10,490 square-foot facility contains over 8 million dollars of processing equipment. It provides a safe, secure, controlled environment for processors and specialty chemical manufacturers to conduct materials process research and development and limited pilot plant production runs.

While performing these runs, complete security and confidentiality are maintained. Continuous pilot plant production capacities range from less than 25 lbs/hr up to 25 TPD. Designed to provide limited production runs on a contract basis for customers, the pilot plant facilities are unique in that raw materials can be prepared, dried, solvent extracted and desolventized all on a continuous production basis. The testing facility also contains its own analytical lab that can provide processing results during processing. This allows for testing parameters to be changed during the test to hone in on desired results, saving valuable research time and money.

All extraction equipment contact surfaces are stainless steel and handle most process solvents. It’s the only known facility in the world of its size to provide true continuous processing of materials from raw tote to finished product, and it assures protection of customer proprietary information with proven safeguards.

In addition to the Roseville facility, Crown has a satellite industrial materials pilot plant. This pilot plant has many attributes, some of which are four immersion extractors, a solids desolventizer, and a complete distillation system. Often, equipment is shared with the Roseville facility in order to complete project goals.

The Crown Iron Works Research and Development Laboratory is our commitment to continual engineering improvement. Product demonstrations performed in combination with systems research and development save valuable time and capital by answering questions, such as project validity and economic feasibility, before final system application. The facility truly offers the ability to outline a process from beginning raw material to fully processed products.

Please feel free to contact us for further information. We look forward to discussing your project goals.

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