When preparing seeds for oil extraction, the seed needs to be heated and dried to the correct temperature and moisture. The Crown Vertical Seed Conditioner (VSC) is designed to heat and dry the seed slowly and efficiently, allowing it to be conditioned properly for additional processing.

The seed enters the Crown VSC through the inlet hopper, which provides a surge volume as the seeds flow slowly down through a series of heating sections and air sections. Contact with the tubes provides even and consistent heat transfer to the seed as the patented air system provides moisture removal for additional processing.

The residence time is very important when determining the temperature and moisture removal of the seed. The end user controls the residence time. As the seed rate is increased or decreased, the quantity of heating sections can be changed to control the effective residence time.

  • Conditioning process takes 20–40 minutes from product entry to product discharge
  • Five models available (25–3,500 MTPD)
  • FIFO, a true first-in first-out system
  • Uses low pressure or flash steam (1 BAR or 15 PSI)
  • Up to 3% drying with the Crown patented air system
  • Low power volumetric rotor discharge (1-1/2 hp [1.2 kW] maximum)
  • No need for expensive and high-maintenance grain dryers
  • Proven technology as a canola pre-heater, soybean crack conditioner and corn germ conditioner
  • Stack up to 12 heating sections in one unit
  • Easily expandable by adding sections
  • Oval tubes increase heating surface area
  • Heating sections use oval 304L SS tubes and tube sheets
  • Access to all tubes with removable covers
  • Wear-protection armor on top row of tubes
  • Side inspection covers to watch product flow during operation
  • Optional heat sources include hot water or flash steam