Crude glycerin can come from many sources, including fat splitting, saponification and transesterification. Crown designs each glycerin plant to make a high-quality product from any of these feedstocks by first removing the majority of the MONG (Matter Organic Non-Glycerin) and enough water to concentrate the glycerin to at least 80% purity. A good crude glycerin from a biodiesel plant already meets this specification, so this pretreatment step is not necessary.

This pretreated glycerin is refined into a 99.7% pure product by removing the remaining salt, unreacted fat, water and other impurities by several vacuum distillation steps followed by a final polishing with activated carbon.

  • Long and proven experience in producing USP- and BP-grade products from a variety of crude feedstocks, including from our own design of biodiesel plants
  • Lower electrical and steam consumption than most competitors by using heat economization and other energy-saving techniques
  • Crude still design assures intimate steam/glycerin contact throughout vessel
  • Unique deodorizer ensures stripping of volatiles and produces a higher yield and superior concentration of purified product
  • Options available to upgrade recovery equipment to provide a higher yield and lower volume of generated residue
  • Compact footprint and easy integration into a biodiesel operation allows Crown to process the glycerin byproduct from a biodiesel plant, making it a truly integrated solution
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