Crown offers extractiondesolventization and drying equipment for the food industries.

Possible applications include:

  • Washing of pulps (MIVMV)
  • De-agglomeration and drying of washed pulps for food fiber uses (MFD)
  • Recovery of extracts from spices, vegetables and nuts (MIV, MV)
  • Extraction of oils from spray-dried products (MIV)
  • Drying of okara and other byproducts from food processing plants (MFD, VFD)
  • Flash drying of starches (MFD, VFD)
  • Production of soy flours for the baking industry (FDS)
  • Additives for baby formula (MIV, MFD)
  • Oils for food (MIII)

Typical uses include:

  • Onion and other pulps
  • CMC
  • Food grade fibers
  • Okara
  • Corn and other starches
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Alfalfa
  • Drink flavors
  • Marigolds