The Crown Fat Splitting Plant utilizes the classic Colgate-Emery process for nearly complete (>98%) hydrolysis of neutral oil feed. The fat splitting column operates at 250°C to 260°C and at pressures up to 50 barg. The high temperature and counter-current flow allow for a high degree of hydrolysis without catalysts. The residual energy from the splitter discharge streams is used to flash moisture from those streams, which reduces energy consumption in subsequent processing.

  • Long retention time in the splitting column
  • Efficient internal heat exchange to maximize thermal efficiency
  • No catalyst required
  • Splitting can be accomplished in a single column for efficient operation
  • Generously sized equipment to allow for variations in feedstock quality
  • Automatic control of level, pressure and temperature process parameters
  • Split fatty acids are discharged from the top of the column and concentrated in a flash vessel. These fatty acids can then be further purified with fatty acid distillation
  • Sweetwater is discharged from the bottom of the column and concentrated in a flash vessel. This sweetwater can then be further purified with various processes, including glycerin refining